Carlo Di Domenico


My name is Carlo Di Domenico, I live in Turin but I was born in Benevento 38 years ago.

I am an IT engineer and I work in a multinational company. I have always been fascinated by the beauty expressed in art, especially by the paintings of the great Renaissance masters and the statues of Greek classicism.

Last year I decided to take a gap year and dedicate myself to illustration, specifically in digital painting.

I attended the International School of Comics in Turin and I worked hard, following what I call Rule 50, or study for at least 50 hours a week.

I like painting portraits and characters in general, even if I do not disdain landscapes, always with a rather realistic style, but I try a lot to find my personal way of expressing myself.

Darth Vader: it is an exercise done for the school where we had to paint the famous villains. I started from the lineart to define the figure from the imagination.

For the hand I used my photo in the mirror with an old leather glove.

I subsequently re-framed the subject and added the grayscale layer to define the volumes. It is a technique similar to that used by the great masters who defined the volumes with a monochromatic palette and subsequently added the colors in layers.

I added the colors with a low-opacity brush, so that they interacted with the gray layer below.

As a final touch I used a pair of lens flare on the helmet. I used a graphics tablet and Photoshop CC, taking about 30 hours.


Work time: 30 hours

Title: Darth Vader

Category: Digital Art

Country: Italy