Carmela Paglionico

- New Talent -

My name is Carmela Paglionico, I am 23 years old and I currently live in Ortisei, Alto Adige.

I graduated as an advertising graphic designer, but after having worked for a year in the sector I quit because I knew that my path was something else.

I attended a Master in CG in Veneto, a region in which I spent my entire life, and from there I discovered a passion for all forms of CG, especially towards organic modeling. Generally I do fantasy, that slowly brought me to make myself visible even among the most important national and international 3D artists.

The figure of this project is called Shakal the half formed, from a concept by Darren Benton. Shakal is a powerful shaman priest of the Nak’zul tribe who lives in the Shalune region of the Primary Deserts, a huge desolate area that crosses two continents.

Shakal tried to merge her soul with that of a demon to increase her power, however, the ritual was interrupted when an enemy tribe attacked her clan.

The failed ritual left her partially transformed and without the ability to return human.

To complete the ritual, she must rebuild her tribe and set off through the primitive deserts to collect the artifacts she needs to finish the ritual.

Made with Zbrush and rendered with Arnold in Maya 3D, this project was one of the most appreciated by the web.


Work time: 20 ore

Category: 3D Art

Country: Italy