Clara “Vegel” Lollo


Hello, I’m Clara, aka Vegel. 

I have been using it for many years now, so much so that it has become my middle name.

I’m 26 years old, I’m a Character and Creature Artist for gaming, and I’m currently building my portfolio to find a solid position within the videogame industry.

My passion for the art of gaming started at the age of 6, when I first began fantasizing about imaginary worlds.

I started by studying traditional art, drawing creatures and characters, and writing their stories. Then came Zbrush, who has since become my right hand.

Living and studying in Italy, I didn’t recieve any help to better understand the job of a “Character Artist” in the industry. However, today I can finally show works like this one:

Togetic is a Pokémon fan-art, which will be part of a bigger scenario I’m currently working on.

I got this idea from an advice by a senior 3D Artist, who suggested me to include in my portfolio some fan-arts of well-known brands. The character was created on Zbrush, partly colored on Zbrush and then textured on Substance Painter. Renderings were made on Marmoset Toolbag 3.5.

For me, this project marks the beginning of a series of many important and increasingly professional projects.

My ambition not only drives me to improve and reach the industry standards, but also drives me to leave my mark in the imagination of future generation, just like past videogames did with me.


Work time: 1 month

Title: The Little Fairy

Category: 3D Art

Country: Italy