Dario Bonito


My name is Dario Bonito, I am 24 years old and I just graduated from IED Milan in CG Animation. I have been passionate about this world since childhood, the world of film and cinematography and with the passing of time I chose to turn this passion into a career.

NEST 05 is our graduation project, me and my other five school colleagues created this fantasy/sci-fi animated short. To do this, we decided to use the Redshift rendering engine, a GPU-based engine that allowed us to respect the final due date, thanks to its incredible calculating speed. Personally, I took care of supervising, managing everything regarding the pipeline, from daily tasks distribution to monthly tasks. I was also in charge of the entire VFX area: thanks to Houdini, a program with endless possibilities, I was able to manage the entire effects part, from particle to environmental effects.

Aside from the FX, I took care of the RIG, trying to face every situation from an efficient production point of view. I deal with screentime and movements of the characters, shot by shot, in order to optimize the rigs, without wasting resources in controlling unnecessary movements.

I also managed the final phase of rendering, personally setting all render layers and passes necessary to handle in an optimized way the following compositing part.

In the last phase of the project my task was to assemble everything that was created and make it better, more engaging and good looking as much as possible. I worked a lot on integrating the particle effects in the shots, by relighting and grading with the help of contributes, I tried to make the film as realistic and cinematographic as possible, improving and enhancing the effects. Here the the synopsis of the film, enjoy the view!

“Metra, mysterious objects scattered on the planet, represent the last legacy of an ancient civilization extinct for centuries. By harnessing the power of one of them, a new race has managed to rise among the others, yet the energy available to them is going to finish. To face the impending danger, a special type of automaton is entrusted with the task of exploring the outside world, looking for a new Metra as an energy source.”


Work time: 8 months

Category: vfx, 3D, animazione

Title: Nest 05

Country: Italia


Dario Bonito: https://goo.gl/wQKTeb

Matteo Bozzolan: https://goo.gl/wrqvhL

Adriano Pellegrino: https://goo.gl/s3bMot

Filippo Notarnicola: https://goo.gl/FqZmFY

Lorenzo Dal Prà: https://goo.gl/jE9Dex

Daniele Scalabrin: https://goo.gl/1iHtWY