Davide Lattanzio


My name is Davide, I am 21 years old and I currently live in Falun, Sweden.

I’ve been interested in videogames since my childhood. That’s why my dream has become working in this world, to see my creations come to life for the enjoyment of other players.

I studied at art school and learned the basics on 3D at BigRock in Veneto. Here I discovered my passion for this world and in particular for video game graphics.

After school I started practicing and studying on my own to improve the quality of my 3D models and to always achieve higher goals. I am currently studying at PlaygroundSquad in Falun.

I did this project for a 3D course. My personal goal was to create a model in as much detail as possible and try to do it all in a realistic / fantasy style. I made the model on zbrush starting from a sphere and starting to create the first volumes.

Once created the mesh base with the right proportions I went to create the details of the muscles / veins and skin to add as many details as possible. I also used several brushes to add the detail of the wood to the barrel.

After finishing the model I thought a lot about how to put it in place and in the end I decided to do it with an expression of challenge.

For the presentation I did everything with the rendering of zbrush and I added some small color variations on Photoshop. It took me a month to carry out the project.


Tempo di realizzazione: month

Categoria lavoro:  3D Art

Paese: Sweden