Fabio Ingaldo



Hi there, I am Fabio Ingaldo 44 years old from the Puglia Region of Italy, moved to Rome many years ago.

I work as Osteopath and Fitness Trainer, but my creative vein makes me, especially during sleepless nights, experience new things, beautiful things, at least for me.

Here it comes my new project, Spider-Fly. Last year, in January 2018, while I was watching the first Spider-Man by Sam Raimi (2002), a light bulb went on over my head…

And what ever happened to Spider-Man’s mutated spider?

Well my dear, you know, life’s ups and downs. But sometimes even the underground!

Today you find yourself in a research laboratory (the cool ones) and you are about to give a bite and pass all your super powers to a young man from New York, who will do prodigies. And tomorrow you find yourself biting a poor fly a little awkward, clumsy and resourceful, stumbled upon your spider web by mistake, Oh well, he is going to be a real trouble maker!

This time no super heroes coming, but a super error, a bizarre and spiteful little being, ready to make trouble. Spider-fly, a Spider-Man paradox that in the end is “the cool one” present in all of us.

Spider-Fly has no rivals, faces and challenges anyone who meets his journey, but he still remains a bumbling fly.

In Suppa Max Braida (alter ego of Super Mario Bross) for example, he steals Max’s girlfriend and she enjoys so  much becouse Max’s jealousy.

The poor man will not be enough for his 3 lives to win her back, and humiliated he will prefer the game over.

Realization: manual, digitized with ipad pro, images assembled with program Magic Music Maker


Title: Spider-Fly | Category- Country

Category:  Digital art

Country: Italia