New Talent Lorenzo Achilli

Hi my name is Lorenzo and I’m a 22 years old graphic design student from Italy, just a year ago I began to focus on my passion for digital arts, both as a self-taught and in the academy and then attending a digital painting course at the Genius Academy in Rome.

It is exactly in this period of growth that my passion and growing interest in ZBrush, digital sculpting and 3D modeling in general begins, convincing me after various experiments in different areas that my aspiration is to become a 3D artist for video games.

This project was born from the idea of ​​giving shape and form to interdimensional alien creatures able to travel from one universe to another, the first made in half body and the second in full figure, both made entirely in ZBrush.

I spent a lot of time under sculpting defining the design of the creatures once I set the base mesh of the models with the proportions in order and added the main volumes.

Then I concentrated on detailing the skin and the various anatomical parts using different alpha and brushes, and then posing the two subjects adding asymmetry.

For rendering I used Keyshot for the first half body subject finished then in photoshop, while I used Maya’s arnold renderer for all the other images and for the renderings of the second creature.
To make the models I took about 20 days each.


time work:  20 days

Category:  3D Art

Country: Italy