Luca Tietto


Hi, I’m Luca Tietto and I’m 24 years old. I began my journey through 3D graphics almost four years ago.

By chance, I saw my father working on a series of sketches on Paint, and I said: “If my father can do this, I’m definitely able to do better”. And so, here I am.

The first software I used was Blender, then I finally moved to Maya. I chose to specialize in environments because I love nature and its bizarre shapes.

I began this project right after I finished playing God of War. I started by making the structure blockout in Maya; then, once I had designed the base kit, I went on sculpting two variations of the same modular item, so I could have enough variations available.

After I sculpted the different pieces, I decided to texturize them with a special workflow. In any picture there are four channels (Red, Green, Blue and alpha), which I used to insert my masks in an efficient way. All the masks were created in substance painter/substance designer. The following step was to create a shader.

Finally I created a function to naturally add or remove water, by filling up the veins first and then expanding it throughout the surface. In order to create this effect, I realized a tailor-made texture as a guideline, and then I added various constants.

At this link you can find the whole explanation about the generator!

It took me about four months to complete this project, which allowed me to learn a lot! I streamed the whole process on Twitch


Time work: 4 months

Category:  3D Art

Country: Italy