Manuel Porrari


My name is Manuel Porrari, I’m 29 years old and I live in Porto Sant ‘Elpidio, Marche.

Since i was young I have always been fascinated by everything that can be defined as art including tattoos. I graduated as an advertising graphic designer and I owe it to my mother.

I love drawing what I feel and the desire to create a series of illustrations inspired by the theme “end of a love” representing all different phases so.

The first project I called “hope” because I think it is the first phase that you live after leave someone, where even if everything seems confused and gloomy there is that little hope that everything can go back how it was.

Inspired by various fashion references, I chose an Asian face with an almost static expression and with an upturned gaze as if she is waiting for a hope to come true.

I started the process by taking the right proportions and sketching on paper.

Then I outlined the spaces with the blacks, from the eyes to the mouth, to the lower part of the nose.

Subsequently, on another level, I worked on the lighter tones, stratifying them and playing only on the opacity of the brush, adjusting the shades too marked with the smudge.

With the same procedure I passed then to intermediate tones. After these “few” steps I went to work with white, to create the most obvious areas of light (the lips), which alone required about a 2 hours of work, then on the eyes, creating a small reflection and on the face, clearing the areas most affected by light.

Finally I tried to emphasize the face and expression, taking inspiration from the clouds that are found in the comics dialogues and coloring it in black to create a contrast between the face and the shape, so that it highlights a sense of emptiness that is always present immediately after you leave someone, but that still fails to weaken hope.

It took about 20 hours of work using only Photoshop and the mouse!


Realization time: 20 hours

Title: Hope

Job category: Digital Art

Country: Italy