Nazario “Raza” Bizzoco


It is always hard for me to describe myself but I try.

I’m Nazario, but I go by RAZA, born in 1980. My journey started about 10 years ago, after the degree in Sociology. I do not regret it, it gave me a vision of the world that I would not cede for any reason.

I deal with graphic design, compositing, retouching, branding etc … I like pretty much everything about this world and I’m  very curious (maybe too much) of every what concerns digital art. So I started to study anything that I could.

Then one day I realized that this attitude, was practically useless.

You know a little about everything but you are not a specialist. One thing that always attracted me most of all but that I always saw as far away is Matte Painting !!

Every new project is a real journey. Matte painting gives you the opportunity to discover new places and create scenarios that do not exist but that become real in my mind and perhaps to an odience.

It is an art of illusion that tends to confuse the eye and the brain. This is beautiful! We need to dream!

The work presented here is called OASI and is my last matte painting. The starting plate is the ancient Petra in Jordan and I add Ouirzazate, a small Moroccan village. The final idea was to mix nature with these two places very dry and rocky bases.

After the initial matte painting I wanted to do a little exercise to change mood and atmosphere, transforming the scene into a night version and a winter version.


Work time: 12 hours

Category: Matte Painting

Country: Italy