New Talent Paolo Buffa

I teach graphic design and digital photography in a school in Milan and n the end when my working hours end I still think about my job.

My name is Paolo Buffa and this work is a personal project, something that has evolved over time and has more than (1800) levels in Photoshop.

It was not easy for me and the computer as well, but we did it.

The basic idea has been structured around the concept of silence, which in the area where I live, no longer exists.

Recreating it in a visual, paying attention to every detail on the scene, has needed to re-establish a connection between fantasy and reality.

Much of what you see comes from images cut out and adapted to each other, but there are several parts painted and perhaps that was the fun part of the work.

I have printed some versions of it, the largest one measures one and a half meters on the horizontal side.

Another print has been exhibited in an art gallery in Matera and in a gallery in Palermo.

Creating these representations allows me sometimes to get in touch with other people, other realities different from the one that I usually live and I suspect that this is the real reason that drives me to produce them.


Work time:  About 50 hours

Category:  Matte painting

Country: Italy