Rafal Barnas


My name is Rafal Barnas, I’m an architect, filmmaker, musician, award-winning Visual Artist, founder and leader of Unique Vision Studio, whose main line of business is the space of architectural visual identification.

ArchiPaper is a non-commercial, experimental animated short movie, which tells the history of architecture in an unconventional way.

The basis and the starting point for this work was a physical model of a house designed by BXB Studio.

The model was then photographed and transformed into an image which teems with life, creating a surrealistic and pleasant story, immersed in an abstract world, exclusively built with paper components.

Operating with unusual means of expressions and building a movie, which is consistent in style and composition, was a real challenge.

So ArchiPaper is an attempt to find and test new and atypical stylistic techniques to communicate architecture.

It is also noteworthy that I’m the only author of this work, including its musical soundtrack.


Work time: 2 months

Title: ArchiPaper

Category: Animation

Country: Polonia