Reda Lamine Gouni


My name is Reda Lamine Gouni, I am a digital artist from Algiers Algeria, I am 27 years old I studied Graphic Design in art school and I am still studying graphic design and digital art in general. I love Graphic Design, Photography, 3D, visual effects as well and especially making stuff using Blender. I make things for fun and sometimes I do some freelancing works.

I hope to do something big in the industry because I love what I do and Graphic Design changed my life completely 🙂 

In this project I used Photoshop, about two different brushes the one is round with 100% hardness and the second one with the same brush but 00% hardness It took me about 20 min to color everything layer by layer. I created some layers and added masks and took off what I didn’t want to appear in the final scene. I hope you like it!


Time: 20 Minuts

Job category:  Digital Art

Country: Algeria