Riccardo Bertoni


Hi everyone, my name is Ric and I am really happy to be able to present my work here on Nuts! Brief intro about my background: I have been a 3d generalist for about fifteen years now.

I started as a freelancer for Bonsai Ninja Studio as intern freelancer.

Together with Franz my best friend we founded our company, Greenman Studio manage our time and be “bosses” of ourselves by doing a job that is a surprise every day and allows us to learn and experience many beautiful new techniques! 

The project I am presenting to you is “Gregor, the Brucorazza”! He is a cute little creature born from the need to experiment with rigging and animation on a multi-leg character. I didn’t think too much about it and I threw myself into my usual workflow which includes: high poly concept and modeling on Z-br

sh, retopoe and creation of low poly, UV layout on Rizom, texturing on Substance Painter, rigging and animation in Cinema4d (in this case I used C-Motion, a C4D animation tool that is a bomb for creating robotic walk-cycles), C4D shading and rendering with Redshift renderer, compositing in After Effects.

And here is Gregor who will walk uphill forever on a shiny ramp … said so I’m almost sorry for him, I should have made him go downhill! :).

Hope you like it and thanks again for the opportunity to share it! Ric


Work time:  10 days

Title: Gregor il Brucorazza

Category:  3D Art

Country: Italy


INSTAGRAM @ric_greenman