New Talent Roberto Tula

My name is Roberto Tula, I am 22 years old and I currently live in Miami, Florida.

I graduate as a Computer Animator here in Miami and started working as a motion graphic artist while I find something more related to 3D.

From the beginning I didn’t knew in what area I should specialized, thanks to this I was able to switch between multiple programs and develop my own pipeline depending on the project.

For this Project I started blocking the scene on Autodesk Maya, setting the camera and adding blocks or other simple shapes as placeholders, this would help me understanding composition, lighting and to visualize it as a whole.

Next modeling the Low Poly on Autodesk Maya as well as UV Unwrapping, Sculpting the detail on Zbrush and finally bake the mesh and texturing on Substance Painter.

For presentation I used multiple programs to compare final result, in one I did the final render on Keyshot, later did more variations using VRay on Maya and Marmoset Toolbag. The whole process without taking in consideration the research or rendering time was around 10 hours.


Work time: 10 hours

Title: Lock & Key

Category: 3D Art

Country: USA