Sarah Petruzzi


My name is Sarah, I am 29 years old and I currently live in Turin.

I graduated in Stage Design for theater, television and cinema, and then I finished the last two years graduating in cinema in Turin.

For both theses I chose experimental themes, first on character design and then on matte painting. So I started to get closer to computer graphics during university. I have a masters as CGI generalist and I also studied motion graphics.

After completing the courses I never stopped studying and updating my skills, it is still my daily exercise, so my passion and attention turned more and more towards to the world of character design.

Title: Rachael

Inspired by the cult film by Blade Runner, I tried to give Rachael a new face in one of the most recognizable frames in the film.

The intent was to obtain a hyper realistic effect of the textures and the sculpt but with a very cartoon shape. In this regard, I decided not to sculpt fur and hair.

For the realization and development of the concept, sculpting, modeling, clothes, retopo, texturing, xgen for fur, shading and lightning, I spent two and a half weeks, excluding renderingVideo editing, vfx, and rendering: one day.


Work time: two and a half weeks, excluding rendering

Title: Rachael

Category: 3D Art

Country: Italy