Vittorio Lippolis


I am Vittorio, I am 27 years old and have been looking for a perfect graphic representation for four years.

In the last year I received a request for collaboration from an interior design studio in my native city where I could concentrate on what is my real passion.

For about two years I have started a personal project  for fun. I needed a figure of a man’s appearance to be able to design my interiors.

I decided to model the classic little man of Ikea: Gestalda. After a while I fell in love with this mannequin and became a loyal friend.

From object became the protagonist of my scenes. In this specific case, I was inspired by a scene that I witnessed.

It was a November day, a girl waits for her bus alone under a heavy rain. Suddenly the cell phone falls down and she bends over to pick it up. At that moment I thought “she is so gentle while she moves”. I’ll leave the rest to you.

This production took about two weeks of work, taking around two hours per day each day.

Almost all modeled in 3D, the garbage in the lower left is an exception.

The materials were recovered online, the only exception being the little man, whose texture I created by photographing a cedar panel from my trusted carpenter. three are the light sources used:

1) street lamps, warm and quite bright light;

2) lunar light, made brighter than usual but the effect seems to me successful (blue light on the right side);

3) headlights of a car coming from the left.

The big challenge was the rain.

Realizing it in 3D would have taken a long time and the result would not have been guaranteed.

I decided to make it in post. It was simpler than expected. I painted a wooden panel in black and waited for the first rain.

I made several shots that then applied in the school mode allowed me to achieve the effect you see. His name is Rainy souls.


Work time:  2 weeks

Category: 3D Art

Country: Italy