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New Talent Black Hole - Nuts Computer Graphics

Black Hole


The Black Hole studio was born from the encounter at ‘Creative Pro Show 10’ of four digital image professionals.

The goal of the group is to produce creative images by merging different tools and software. At the base of the projects there is a Team Playing concept. Each idea is the result of a continuous comparison by means of the different viewpoints of the involved artists who through their knowledge create functional images for communication.

The team is composed of: Nazario (Post Producer), Giuseppe (Fashion and Editorial Photographer), Claudio (Still Life Photographer, CGI Artist) and Giulio (Graphic Designer and Art Director).

BREATHE is the very first project created by 4 young men from Naples and Salerno who joined together in a new working group called BLACK HOLE.

The underlying concept is  to sketch a future era in which men are being held prisoners into cryogenic tanks but a subject named CPSX2611 manages to escape and he can breathe normally again after 139 years.

The main idea arises from a desire to create a project that merges the skills of the BLACK HOLE team.

The 3D environment has been realized with Luxology Modo and Autodesk 3ds Max. Photos were taken in the studio: Canon 5d Mark IV. All this was then combined into the final compositing in Photoshop using also Illustrator for the realization of the HUD.


Realization time: 3 months

Job category: 3D, Digital Art

Country: Italy


Email:  blackholeteam04@gmail.com