Claudio Errico


That  guy will be me in 2092.

Just kidding folfs!

I created this work to express an ironic and perhaps a little distressing way, the passion I put into my work and the time I dedicate to it.

I devote this project to all of us who work and experience in this sector. In fact, for this project I didn’t look for a setting that inspired me or a particular action that could give the message in a better way, but I decided to show my workstation exactly as it is and put the skeleton in the pose I usually sit.

I know that this is a detail that no one could recognize but me, and therefore basically useless, but I had a lot of fun doing it.

I think that the project since its first publication has worked for a very simple reason:  many people have identified themselves in this little skeleton hungry of knowledge and experimentation; They have seen themselves while on  workstation 24 hours daily and try, try, test, sweat on their projects.

One of my personal satisfaction for this project was indeed this, people keep saying  “I understand you, I also feel that way”.

The project was made in eleven hours of  work continuously, the image was created by melting  photography and computer graphics.

My job was to light, frame and finally take the picture, posing the skeleton(the skeleton is a basic model provides in Zbrush),  model lighting using keyshot, and at the end postproduction. I’m from Naples and I started studying photography  four  years ago while studing on: compositing, parametric modeling, organic modeling, rendering, lighting and finally sketch and drawing.


Realization time: 11 hours

Job category: Digital Art

Country: Italia