Domenico Sellaro


I’m a Digital Artist specializing in photo editing and post-production.

People got to know me through the web and in the last few years I have received many positive feedbacks and in 2014 I partecipate in an exhibition organized by See.Me in the famous Times Square in New York.

In August 2015 I was selected by the Digital ArtLords community, in the Top 100 of the “Digital Artist of the World”.

Currently, I am working as Creative Director at The Creative Dot, plus I work as freelance for many companies such as Wacom, Curioos, Playing Arts, Meedori, Skylabs, Mojilala and Digital ArtLords.

Thai” is my last digital matte painting.

Inspired by “Kong Skull Island”, I decided to create this environment by using 40 different images and about 150 layers.

For this project I spent four days because I tried new photo manipulation and realistic painting techniques. I think it’s my best digital matte painting so far. It was so funny to try new techniques!


Realization time: 4 days

Job category: Matte Painting

Country: Italia