Enrico Albanese


My name is Enrico Albanese, I’m 21 years old and I come from the smallest region of Italy: the Aosta Valley, precisely from the City of Aosta.

I’ve been working on 3D Graphics for 3 years, and I’m a 3D Generalist.

The Knight project comes from an illustration of the great James Jean that I wanted to resume in my 3D way.

I started to make the base of the horse in ZBrush, following the shapes and laying of the starting concept.

Later I developed the knight, starting from the head and following the proportions of the bust, the arms and keeping me as faithful as possible to the laying of the latter.

Adding details after details (bands on the horse, spear, drapes) all modeled on The Foundry Modo and then detailed in ZBrush, the subject came out.

For the rendering I imagined the subject as a statue, so by procedural I developed a texture, always in style like stone, for every piece except for the pieces inside the knight (the flowers and tubes, on which I used a simple Matte texture with procedural noise applied above).

As for the light I wanted to use a Directional Light behind the knight, using a volumetric light, so you can see the light rays coming on the subject.

I made the rendering by pulling off some passes like Diffuse Color, Shadow Pass, Volumetric.

In the post production in Photoshop I added smoke, fire, sparks and some dirt to give a dirty and old look to the illustration.

Using the High Pass I later disconnected the background from the main subject, putting it more prominent.

It took me four weeks to finish the project.


Realization time: 4 weeks

Job category: 3D

Country: Italia