Nadia Tropea


My name is Nadia Tropea, I am 28 years old, I live in Rome but I was born and raised in Catania. After my degree at the “Brunelleschi Artistic High School”  in Acireale, I have always dedicated myself to self-taught design. For me this is just the beginning in the digital world and I must say that since I started experimenting more and more new techniques I acquired new skills.

After seeing the series Stranger Things, I could not get inspired by it, and recreate the character that I loved the most. The project is based on the communication of the actors , the intense look of their faces.

First of all, I worked with ProCreate, following and varying my subject’s features in my own way. After tracing very thick lines and marking some facial details, using the Adobe Dream software, I focus on  the color of face and hair.
Once the base was made, I continued line-by-line a challenge definition and darker shadows, to obtain a shape and a shadow that will characterize each character.

After finishing the shadows, for the background, which I consider a bit rétro and simple like the posters of the’ 80s, that I love most. For Will I wanted to dare that touch of “Upside Down”, with a dark and gloomy background, given mainly by “spores” in the air.

Finally, I gave more definition to the eyes and shadows around them, trying to reinterpret the intensity of the looks that these little actors were able to show us, in my opinion, a sweet and at the same time melancholic impact.

As usual I always try to take my eyes off  the screen and review the projects after few days, so I can see better what to fix and improve in a better way. This project took me almost 2 weeks of work.


Realization time: 2 weeks

Title:: Stranger Things

Job category: Digital art

Country: Italy



INSTAGRAM nadia_tropea_art