Nicolas Gekko is a freelance Concept Artist and Digital Illustrator, active in the gaming industry and based in Kiev, Ukraine.

After completing his studies in Odessa, he was immediately hired for his first job in the field, as a 2D Artist at Blam Games, in 2013.

Over the following years he rapidly climbed all the steps of his career, gaining a vast experience along the way: he was 2D Lead Artist at Far Mills, Illustrator at Kefir Games, 2D Artist at Ubisoft, Freelance Concept Artist at 4A Games and Crystal Dinamics, Senior Concept Artist at Ulysses Graphics, then again Freelance Concept Artist at Nuare Studio at One Pixel Brush, where he is currently employed.

He has worked on leading titles such as Call of Duty: World War II and Far Cry Prime, and is especially known among fans for his superb sci-fi themed concept artworks.

Nicolas Gekko