Created by a great team of three artists from College of Art and Design of Ringling, USA,  this small artwork encapsulates the sense of the art history in its evolution, giving a brief reflection on the conflicts it has been subjected over the centuries.

It is a story based on nudity, religion and censorship … key topics that have accompanied art for thousands of years. The artists Anna Hinds Paddock, Isabela Littger de Pinho and Kriti Kaur wanted to represent this theme through a humorous approach.

When the Museum closes, a security guard finds himself “fighting” against censorship, represented here by a nice nun, and the rest is all to be discovered..  

The project’s implementation time was about three months. Scripting, animation, and soundtrack appear to inspire 2D animated cartoons.

Particular attention has been paid to the expressions and poses of the characters.

Software used:  Photoshop for all pre-production, Maya for animation and rigging, Zbrush for modeling, RenderMan RIS for lighting and rendering, Nuke for post processing and Premiere for editing.

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