Pablo Lozano is an Animator and Designer born and raised in Madrid, Spain.

First he studied at CEV, Escuela Superior de Comunicación, where he graduated as audiovisual production technician; later he got his master’s degree in Audiovisual Communication at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

His educational choice led him to work for a few years as Broadcast Designer, but in 2013 he decided to move to Sweden to expand his skills and study motion graphics at Hyper Island.

From there it was a short step towards the job market: right after his graduation he moved to London, where he started his collaboration with Golden Wolf, a new, young and innovative creative studio where he worked for almost three years.

There Pablo grew up both professionally and personally, up to the point he was ready to take up new challenges: that’s why he finally chose to start his own career as a freelancer.

This proved to be quite a good choice: over the next few years he worked for clients such as Google, Disney Channel, Ubisoft, Nike, Snapchat and Youtube.

Moreover, he also took part into projects with other talented studios such as Moth Studio, Nexus Studios, Art & Graft and Future Deluxe.

Pablo Lozano