Xiaolin Zeng (Zaoeyo) grows up in Xiangtan, a small Chinese town. He studies as self-taught and acquires many of the digital art knowledge, developing a great interest in disciplines such as 3D visual, motion graphics and title design. Fascinated since childhood by games and science fiction films such as Halo and Alien, Zaoeyo has devoted himself entirely to the world of digital art, realizing his work by keeping the cold and glowing vein typical of the sci-fi world that he is so passionate about. This video that we propose was created by the artist for the “Pause 2017”, one of Australia’s leading creative and technology events that brings together the best examples of creativity and technology. An Innovative Arts Promotion Campaign and Innovative Thinking, featuring business leaders such as Pixar and Lucasfilm. The idea is inspired by the “Digimon Adventure” anime, that inspired the artist to show the perspective of an empty city that creates a sense of isolation and loneliness. To accomplish this, it starts from an indie game called “HK”, where a cat walks on the road to the walled city of Kowloon. The idea was that a cat can improve the feeling of isolation between people and buildings. It took 4 months to complete the project, including nearly 20 days of rendering. In addition, the artist purchased some 3D resources from Archmodels (such as cars, bicycles, and chairs) and all was made in Cinema 4D and Octane Render and a small color correction in AfterEffects. Zaoeyo has certainly confirmed the expectations of the event … and of course ours. Enjoy it!



Zaoeyo ( Xiaolin Zeng )



Pause 2017 Opening Titles