Peter Mohrbacher is a Concept Artist and Illustrator based in San Francisco, California.

His encounter with art happened during his high school years, when he immediately developed an almost visceral passion for this subject.

His first actual influence were anime, especially Evangelion, which became a true obsession for him.

As time went on, he started searching for the works of contemporary fantasy artists such as Brom, an American illustrator who works in the fantasy genre, and he, together with other masters of the genre such as  Zdzisław Beksiński, encouraged Peter to explore new kinds of visual communication.

One of the most distinguished features of his works are the faces of his humanoids: most of the times they are hidden, and even when visible, their eyes are often covered or completely missing.

That’s because Pete wants to give his works a participative potential, leaving the viewer with the freedom to reprocess the image according to his own life experiences.

Best known for his work on Magic: The Gathering, he is also Art Lead for Dragons of Atlantis. He has also began his own personal work titled Angelarium, an independent project where he portrays surreal angel figures, inspired by angels taken from various mythologies, also available on print.

Peter Mohrbacher