Philip Hambi is a digital artist with decades of experience in post-production and he currently works as a colorist for MPC.

Born in a small village in the county of Worcestershire, England, later he completed his studies at Staffordshire University.

The breakthrough came in 2012 when he joined the MPC family and, after covering several roles, in 2014 he started to work in the colourists department as Colour Grading Assistant.

His first task was to help his senior colleagues (Jean-Clément Soret, George K, Richard Fearon e Matthieu Toullet) installing the new Quantel Pablo suite, Quantel’s first complete color corrector.

Philip was promoted to junior colourist in 2017 and then to colorist only a year later.

Over time he has had the opportunity to work with several talented directors making a great portfolio.

Philip devotes particular attention to detail and considers his profession a tool that makes people feel excited or melancholy, troubled or peaceful using only color.

Philip Hambi