Piotr Jabłoński, aka Nicponim, is a concept artist / illustrator who grew up in Poland, acquiring an international reputation. His clients come from all over the world: Greece, USA, England and Japan.

Although we have always been conscious of wanting to dedicate ourselves to the art world, for reasons we would say logistically, he attends the University of Białystok where he studies architecture and urban planning. But his relationship with art begins much earlier.

At the age of 14 he became passionate about graffiti Art, those particular images that are the result of the creativity of artists who were going to paint parts of the urban sets.

Not having much willingness to devote himself completely to this activity he made his drawings on paper, imagining how they would have been painted on a wall. On the advice of a friend, a few years later, he learns about the graphic tablet and what could be created with it and remains completely stolen.

The inspiration for his projects arises accidentally, from the observation of the things around him, from everyday gestures or even from the works created by other artists. Among the inspiring artists there are personalities like Craig MullinsJaime Jones, Ashley Wood, Tom Lovell, Sergey Kolesov and many others. Piotr loves to work on projects that have the ability to amuse and stimulate him in his creativity.

His goal is to create something in a fresh, new and unique way, overcome some limits and break the mold, while remaining faithful to what is his characteristic trait. Piotr is an artist who has well defined his style and wants to make it more and more recognizable, so as to allow people to distinguish his work from that of any other artist.

His subjects, often real-fantasy, are represented in dark tones, in nebulous atmospheres with gray tones and fluorescent lights, almost like they were suspended between dream and reality. Meticulous especially in the phases concerning the composition, color and lighting of the image.

Thanks to his immense creativity and his distinctive stylistic trait, this artist needs nothing more than a tablet and his favorite software, Photoshop.

Piotr Jabłoński