PlusOne is an independent Creative Studio based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, founded ten years ago from an idea by Marcel Vrieswijk and Martijn Hogenkamp, Managing Director and Creative Director respectively.

Specialised in the areas of design and animation, PlusOne has strengthened its reputation over the years, becoming today one of the leading studios in continental Europe.

Its main resource is the well-matched team of artists from all over the world, each one with his creative vision and with the skills needed to realize not only commercial but also purely artistic works.

They devotes a great deal of attention to aesthetics and storytelling: each work presented by this Studio tells a story and is realized with an almost obsessive care for details, in order to be unique of its kind.

PlusOne, thanks to its brilliant team, completely manages the whole creative process, from the concept to the final delivery.

That’s why it has had the chance to meet the demands of different customers, both big brands and little companies: among them are Adidas, Nike, Philips and Heineken.

The Studio also realized projects for Tv, cinema and advertising, which have won lots of awards in several categories, including art direction, animation, motion graphic  and 3D.