Ramon Nuñez is a Venezuelan digital artist specialized in illustration and character design.

He studies at the Arturo Michelena University of Fine Arts, the largest private University in the country located in Valencia, graduating in Graphic Design.

His professional career started soon, in fact shortly after completing his training he began working as a freelance concept artist and illustrator in various companies in the game design industry.

One of Ramon’s most notable features is the ease of adaptation to different styles and different types of workflow.

Over time he has acquired multiple skills, in addition to illustration and 2D character (both realistic and stylized).

Ramon also takes care of Brand Visual Development, Visual Story Telling and Digital Painting.

He worked for Paizo Publishing, Gameloft, Cryptozoic Entertainment, Image Comics and Riot Games.

One of his latest efforts was the realization of some digital illustrations depicting the characters of one of the most famous TV series of the moment, Game of Thrones, where he has excellently created many of the main characters of the show.

Ramon Nuñez