Randy Vargas, aka Vargasni, is a freelancer digital artist born and raised in Cuba and currently lives and works in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Drawing was his first love and like every self-respecting love, never forgets!

Even as a child he knew that when he grew up he would become an artist.

He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Cuba, graduating in 2008, developing new skills but still feeling the need to seek something deeper.

He decided to move to Spain, where he began working as a freelancer in the field of illustration and comics. He has collaborated with Mynet Inc. for Legend of the Cryptids (a world-famous fantasy card battle game), with Alderac Entertainment Group (a publisher of collectible card games, role-playing games and board games) and  Wizards of the Coast.

His main sources of inspiration are movies and books, two universes that, merging together, open the doors to the creation of the world of comics.

Randy Vargas