Raúl García Latorre, also known as Raulatorre is a 3D character design and digital sculptor from neighboring Spain.

The relationship between Raúl García and art started very early; soon begins to become familiar with the design and falls in love with it.

His preferences were directed on human models and, from the drawing alone, he soon began to sculpt his figures.

For many years he carved his models in a traditional way, making a name for himself thanks to the work done for many international companies that were responsible for producing miniatures of characters.

The genius of this artist resides in his will and ability to reinvent himself over time; always open to new experiences, he decided to open his doors to digital art too, convinced that this would be the new frontier in many sectors of the professional sphere.

Raúl is an artist focused on his art, he does not like to look back and is convinced that improvement is a constant in the life of an artist who loves doing his job.

Interested and attentive to all the news, try to be always updated on the techniques of the sector certainly knows how to give expression and personality to his creations.

This Spanish genius has succeeded in creating iconic and legendary figures with an amazing precision and that’s why he won us over.

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Raul Garcia Latorre