Roberto Gatto is an Italian concept artist and illustrator who has been working for some years in the entertainment industry. He first approached to the Computer Graphics industry in 2013, started using shots like Maya to learn how to model 3D (with the main goal to work in videogames industry as a generalist).

After a few months while studying fundamentals of art, decided to abandon the 3D modeling to fully devote to the 2D aspect. Over the following years, he devoted himself to improving his skills. Roberto is a  Self-taught that allows him to explore many techniques and media.

He will also attend some online courses with teachers like Peter Han, Geoffrey Ernault, Kalen Chock, Atey Ghailan and others.

Tou guys can find him on facebook, instragram, artstation and deviantart, as well as events around Europe such as workshop, Indipendent Festival of Creative Communication, Lucca Comics and Games.

Mainly involved in the video game industry, however, it also has space as illustrator for creating card games and board games.

Currently he is working as freelancer and concept art teacher at the Event Horizon school in Pescara and Jesi. Some of his customers include names such as Paizo, Black Forest Studio, Mexican Standoff, Gravistar Labs, Lead Moneygames, LikeLaSfoglia and others.

He works mainly on photoshop as a drawing and painting tool, while for 3D the choices are currently 3D coat and Sketchup.

Roberto Gatto