Ryan Lang is an American digital artist, born and raised in one of the beautiful islands of the Hawaiian archipelago.

Always fascinated by art and design, he graduated from the Academy of Art University of San Francisco, the nation’s largest private art and design University.

Later, Ryan starts to work as intern at Walt Disney Animation Studios, that ended with a full-time job.

Here he had the opportunity to work on projects such as Wreck-It Ralph as Visual Development Artist, Matte Painter and Co-lead Designer which he received his first official recognition. He also  have worked for Big Hero 6 and Moana.

Now he is a freelance concept artist, collaborate with Marvel Studios, as Visual Development Artist, for projects such as Doctor Strange and Avengers: Infinity War. Ryan has also worked for other Animation Studios including Sony Pictures Animation and Blue Sky Studios.

Ryan is considered one of the most creative and promising concept artists and visual developers of the decade, his specializations vary from the environment, to color and lighting up to the Key Frame Illustration.

Ryan Lang