We present you a Slovakian illustrator and concept artist who has caught our attention for his amazing skills.

He grew up in a family of creatives, as a child he loved drawing, thinking is the easiest thing to do but at the same time the most important thing.

He studied traditional graphic at the Academy of Fine Arts in Banska Bystrica but by time he started to study digital art. His art visually represent unknown worlds.

He bought his first graphic tablet and started digital painting focusing in particular on fantasy and sci-fi themes. He is inspired by artists such as Sergey Kolesov,

Marc Brunet, Jae Cheol Park, Fenghua Zhong and Martin Carlsson. According to this formidable artist, everything starts from the concept, even if it is merely a simple painting practice.

Using his words: “I need to know what I’m doing before I start. It doesn’t matter if it is the result of a week of planning and sketching, or a secondary inspiration shortcut. I just need to understand what I’m doing. “

Sabbas Apterus