Sail Ho Studio is an illustration and motion design collective founded in 2018 by five experienced designers, living across Europe who believe in the power of collaboration and are strongly convinced that a good team can deliver better work than a single professional.

We have over ten years of combined experience working with companies like Google, Disney, Facebook, Nike, Estrella Damm, La Repubblica, Barilla and famous universities like Politecnico di Milano and Queen Mary University of London and each of us brings a unique vision and talent to the collective whole. As designers, we know the value of creative collaboration, and the magic that happens in a team with good chemistry.

We work with like-minded people who bring their best to everything they do, whether they are trying to tell a new story, or explain an old one, our work moves and engages people. We know about teamwork and we are each other’s support structure.

We value personal competences and personal artistic directions, we offer different styles that can fit a wide variety of projects, yet being very specific in our domains.

Although we’ve only just begun this journey together, this is just the natural evolution of a collaboration that started already five years ago with Matteo Goi, our motion designer, who has been the first bridge between all of us.

Sail Ho Studio