James is one of the most particular digital artists of our time. He started an original and pioneering project, named Scorpion Dagger.

The project was initially conceived without a specific goal, creating and publishing simply GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) every day for a year.

He began his career in this field with the aim of learning to animate, but almost immediately he realized that creating GIFs represented for him a natural evolution of his art.

The style of James is extremely unique and recognizable.

Irreverent and highly humorous, this digital artist is inspired by the great Renaissance paintings, putting the Renaissance subjects in weird situations.

The idea was born by imagining what would have been the daily lives of the protagonists of the Renaissance paintings today, giving them a new life that takes place outside the museum where they usually are.

The animation process used by James is quite simple, very similar to the traditional style of animation. His GIF are all made in Photoshop where in each frame every detail is moved slightly.

James has extended the world of GIF bringing it to a new level. In his Artbook, Do you like relaxing? you can see his most famous GIFs.

The Artbook can be seen in the traditional way, or using devices where static images come to life through the screen, turning it into an AR-enhanced book.

Scorpion Dagger (James Kerr)