Sebastien Hue, also known as Shue13, is a French digital artist who lives and works in the Paris suburb.

His training was completely self-taught.

Begins by creating logos for musical bands and thanks to this he discovers Photoshop, of which he discovers the last possibilities of use and deepens obsessively.

His first inspirations comes from the artists of matte painting, in particular he begins to do some of his first works inspired by the art of Dylan Cole, one of the greatest contemporary matte painter.

Besides digital painting Sebastian wanted to explore new worlds, starting to work with 3D software, and be able to create objects that could not simply be painted.

His specialty are futuristic worlds created with great pictorial mastery, thanks to his unbridled passion for sci-fi that allowed him to develop and fuel his great imagination.

It is not difficult to recognize in his works the love he has for other worlds and other times, his images are detailed and magically expressive.

In 2013 he founded his independent studio Shue-Digital, creating content for international clients in the publishing, video games and film industry.

Good vision!

Sebastien Hue