Adam Foulkes and Alan Smith undoubtedly are the perfect couple.

Both are part of the Nexus Productions team, an animation studio based in London, founded in 2000 by Chris O’Reilly (Executive Creative Director) and Charlotte Bavasso (CEO and Producer). Together they directed real animation masterpieces.

To quote “Honda Grrr” is due, as the duo managed to create an advertising campaign for Honda which represented a real success both in terms of creativity and in more strictly economic and financial terms. Or how not to remember “This Way Up”, an animated short film that in 2009 reached the Academy Award nomination for best short film.

The last big production they have made together is the spot for the BCC for the 2018 Winter Olympics which will be held shortly in South Korea.

Smith & Foulkes with this short and intense film wanted to tell a story, a story that does not immediately forget but remains in the memory and that gives enveloping moments that fully involve the audience. And on this occasion they wanted to tell the challenges that the athletes involved in this competition have to face constantly, not only during the race but also during the preparation.

Fear of not making it, fight against the elements, challenge against time, anxiety, uncertainty for the performance that will be addressed are the emotions that the duo has decided to represent. Wolves, dragons and snakes are none other than the depiction of the inner demons with which every athlete must fight.

Smith & Foulkes have worked with the intention of recreating the live-action shooting techniques in order to reconstruct the natural movements of the athletes in a more truthful way, returning a short 2D film designed and animated in a virtual environment thanks to an innovative VR film software.

An epic and audacious short that captures all the emotions of a world-class competition.

Smith and Foulkes Nexus Productions