According to a report by PwC Italia, in 2018 the media and entertainment industry will experience a significant increase compared to the last few years, above all for what concerns the industries like Filmed Entertainment, Television and Video Games.

This is a strong sign that nowadays there is an insatiable thirst for new and especially interesting things, focused on the development of new technologies that return ever better products and services.

It is no exception the sector of visual arts, specifically the digital art, which from time to time is part of increasingly varied markets. While in Italy currently the presence of companies offering these types of services is still under development, in other countries not only do they exist in greater quantities but they reach levels that are really impressive in terms of quality.

One example is given by Territory Studio, an independent creative agency founded in London in 2010 and which has already broadened its horizons by opening new offices in San Francisco and New York City. Territory Studio managed to be what it is thanks to the investment on its collaborators, a team of talented artists with a deep experience and great specialized skills.

Thanks to the combination of experience and expertise, the agency is able to embrace a wide range of media, brands and industries, working on digital projects for various business customers. But its flagship is certainly the realization of the design of the UI, as demonstrated in some very successful films.

Territory Studio has in fact created on-screen graphics and UI for science fiction colossal such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Ex Machina, Ghost in the Shell and The Martian. Precisely for this last project, the Studio has realized for example the screens for the control room of NASA and with this has worked directly to imagine what will be the interfaces that humans will use to communicate with any extraterrestrial explorers.

Territory is undoubtedly a studio specializing in creativity, a studio that has a unique approach to digital experiences and visual effects in particular, giving unique experiences thanks to the perfect combination of creativity and technology.

What distinguishes Territory Studio is a strong predisposition to development and progress and above all to the refined design intelligence of a team of highly competent, passionate original creatives.

Territory Studio – Creative Studio