The artist we are going to propose would certainly need no presentations, his creations are real masterpieces that everybody know. Danny Yount is an internationally recognized American motion artist for his work, his specialty is the creation open titles for movie and television series of great success and certainly is not an easy task. For a long time, headline sequences were flat, inexpressive and uncomplicated, in a word: boring. Danny’s work is graphically strong, emotionally expressive and sometimes incredibly funny. It captures the atmosphere and sensations of a movie, makes it its own and rebuilds it. Danny begins her self-taught career, becoming one of the most respected Hollywood motion-makers. He has received several awards in the field, including an Emmy Awards for the beautiful headlines for the Six Feet Under TV series. As a protagonist, he has collaborated with best film directors and filmmakers, designing some of the most recognized sequences of the last decade, such as Oblivion, Iron Man 1-3, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Rocknrolla, Sherlock Holmes, Tron Legacy, Tyrant and many others.Today he runs the Prologue Picture, continuing to give us spectacular sequences that keep us glued to the screen for their beauty. Enjoy!


Danny Yount



The Film Before the Film