Tomas Kral is certainly one of the most versatile and eclectic digital artists of our time.

Born in 1985 in Milevsko, a small town in southern Bohemia, Tomas discovers a particular predisposition for drawing and painting as a child.

Fortunately, his talent was immediately recognized by his parents who not only supported him, but encouraged him by directing him to the Folk School of Art.

Thanks to this experience he realizes that he is really good at what he does and, at the suggestion of his art teacher, he became part of Vaclav Hollar where he deepened his studies on drawing and modeling and where he start to study 3D.

In fact, it is in this period that Tomas discovers 3D animation, thanks to his first approach with 3D Studio Max software. Having always been fascinated by movies and videogames, the path of this artist,mat this point, seemed now obvious .

Tomas’s works are very different and his themes vary from the characters to the environment.

One thing is certain, his style is recognizable and this derives from the fact that according to this artist every work is autobiographical because everyone can offer only himself, his point of view.

His skills range from concept art to 3D, from illustration to matte painting to VFX.

His works include The Last of the Templars, Salt, Pandorum and The Nutcracker.

A great artist, enjoy it 😉

Tomas Kral