This great digital artist has always been passionate about Computer graphics, VFX and technology.

His relationship with art began with drawing and traditional painting but, as he was only 14-years-old, Alessandro discovered digital art, starting to become acquainted with 3D.

At the time the Italian market didn’t offer enough space for that kind of artists, but anyway Alessandro managed to find a job as a generalist at an architectural firm.

Maybe that wasn’t the most thrilling job, but anyway it gave him the chance to practice and begin the journey which led him to become a CG Supervisor, with a range of different collaborations with both national and international productions.

His experience enabled him to become very familiar with several tools and to adapt to various pipelines and workflows, specializing most of all in visual effects and in the final look of the image (lighting, shading and rendering).

Moreover, he has always had a passion for teaching: this was the reason why he founded an online school, offering courses and workshops.

In the future his project is to open a physical home for his school, where he will be able to welcome the future recruits of CG.

Alessandro Cangelosi