Christian Scampini, is a great concept artist, currently lead artist at 34BingThings, one of the largest independent videogame Studios in Italy.

Christian was born as a cartoonist, a passion he dedicated the first years of his professional career as an artist, only later he approach the industry of videogames. His experience led him to develop many skills, becoming today a complete concept artist.

He worked for big companies like Ubisoft, an experience that change his life not only as an artist but also as a person. Despite this change of course Christian does not abandon “his first love”, he continues to work on comics on a personal level and currently is also a 2D / 3D teacher at the Event Horizon School, one of the best digital art schools currently in Italy.

A great Italian artist we are proud of. Find out what he told us in this video interview. 😉

Christian Scampini