This is the job that you do if you feel it.”

That is how this amazing digital artist describes what is his profession … a job that before everything else is his greatest passion.

As a child he is kidnapped by the art world, especially appreciating the possibility that it gives the viewer the possibility to stimulate his imagination and catapult him into worlds that go beyond the simple image.

He then decides to attend an Art Direction and Graphic Design course and starts working for various studios and agencies.

While in spare time, he dedicates himself to the realization of his personal projects, which allowed him to give free rein to his unlimited creativity.

One of these projects is noticed by the director of WIRED Italia magazine who contacts him and proposing to create a cover for it.

Since then everything it is all about becoming, leaving his job at the agency and start the freelance experience.

Collaborations with major agencies such as The Mill and Riot, with whom he has the chance to show his talent.

Polyhedrous, challenging and technically perfect, Cristiano is a complete artist and for us it was an honor know him and interview him.

Cristiano Rinaldi