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Video interview with Fabio Timpanaro Digital Artist and Creative Retoucher

This talented Italian artist is a Digital Artist and Creative Retoucher with twenty years of experience.

Fabio was born already as an artist, his memories in this sense start from when he was still a child and the passion for this discipline has never abandoned him.

Together with the great photographer Eolo Perfido founded “Storm”, a Studio specializing in creative retoucher, post-production and  CGI that deals mainly with the realization of images for the world of advertising and communication.

But despite the great amount of work he takes on for the Studio, Fabio always manages to find the time to devote to his personal projects; projects that go to satisfy his ancestral creative vein.

Fabio’s style is unmistakable, a combination of esotericism, symbolic art and mythology represented with a gothic, almost obscure touch, able to give life to images that enclose a world, his world.

Fabio, in fact, has the habit of incorporating part of himself and of the things he loves into his work and he does not intend to hide behind a built professional figure of representation.

In addition to producing art Fabio teaches at the Academy of Arts and New Technologies (AANT), he is responsible for the Adobe Photoshop course as well as prominent speaker in the best workshops on the subject.

Original, spontaneous and direct, Fabio is undoubtedly one of the greatest talents in this field, so we leave you to this video interview entirely dedicated to him and his art.

Good vision ?

Fabio Timpanaro