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Video interview with Gianluca Dentici VFX Artist - Nuts Computer Graphics

Video interview with

Gianluca Dentici

VFX Artist

Gianluca is a Senior Compositor and a freelance VFX Supervisor and he is now working as Compositor at Framestore London, one of the worldwide leading companies in the VFX industry.

He has  also been at  Double Negative where he worked on movies such as Dunkirk, Wonder Woman, Fantastic beast and where to find them and Assassin’s Creed, as well as on Altered Carbon a TV series now playing on Netflix.

Even before he worked for another big company, MPC on big blockbuster movies like Exodus:Gods and Kings, Pirates of Carabbean: Dead Man Tell no Tales, Terminator: Genisys and The Jungle Book, this last carried off an  Academy Award for best visual effects.

He is an active member of VES (Visual Effects Society), the American VFX society to which the most important excellence in the visual effects industry belong to;  He is also a member of the Italian Motion Picture Academy.  

His father is the famous production designer  Marco Dentici and thanks to him he had the opportunity to hang around sets since he was a child; Back then he learned much about the movie industry and all professionals involved in the creative process.

After High School he attended the Academy of Special Effects directed by Carlo Rambaldi and he certified in Computer Graphics, a discipline who  gave him the opportunity to achieve his dream: creating fantastic virtual worlds and creatures.

With three nominations for the David di Donatello Awards as Visual Effects Supervisor, an Oscar, a BAFTA Award and a VES Award won collectively together with all the colleagues at MPC and Weta, Gianluca is an example of artistry from which draw inspiration.

Enjoy  🙂

Gianluca Dentici