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Video Interview with Mario Baluci e Joseph Ciccariello VFX artists

Interview with

Mario Baluci and

Joseph Ciccariello

VFX artists

It is with great pride and pleasure that we present two extraordinary talents,  Mario Baluci and Joseph Ciccariello.

With the collaboration of Warner Bros Production and Italian International Film, Vfx Professional artists made I Peggiori, a unique and extraordinary comedy in the Italian film production now playing in theaters since May 2017.

Mario and Joseph tell us about their adventures and collaboration while on set and about the best and worst moments of their life as digital artists. They talk about their professional vision giving us useful advices. It’s a journey through their personal and professional life inspiring people from all over the world.  

We had the privilege of meeting them.  Now it is your turn. Enjoy it!

Mario Baluci & Joseph Ciccariello

VFX artists


Mario Baluci  BEHANCE

Joseph Ciccariello  BEHANCE