The artistic life of Nicola D’Emma, ​​AKA Nide Ilustra, started many years ago and in different ways.

Various multi-sectoral experiences have maked him the digital artist that he is today.

Originally from the province of Foggia, Nide studies Fine Arts, building an important cultural background in what is now called traditional art.

He became familiar with sculpture, which laid the foundation for his work in 3d and then for digital sculpture and painting, a passion that accompanied him for several years.

His artistic personality however continues to evolve continuously, in fact he begins to take an interest in street art, devoting himself to writing.

For a short time he left Italy to pursue a master’s degree.

Back in Rome, he was contacted by a well-known car brand, Mercedes, who commissioned his first job, so his debut as digital artist.

From that moment Nide has come a long way, he has collaborated on innovative projects with National Georaphics and with Fox International Channels, also carrying out his personal works in which it is possible to see his great creativity from motion graphics to 3D, from storytelling, to storyboarding and concept art.

Nide Ilustra